Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Taco Time NW App?

Taco Time NW has created a custom mobile app for iPhone and Android phones. The new Taco Time app will combine the conveniences of a traditional website experience with exciting features such as guest check out, rewards/loyalty, and digital gifts. For information not covered in the FAQ, please contact

Is the Taco Time NW App accepted at all Taco Time locations?

Yes, you can find a list of locations on the “Find Us” page.

Do I need a smartphone to participate?


What type of smartphone do you support?

The Taco Time NW app is available for Android (9.0 and up) and iPhone (iOS 7.0 or later).

Is there a Windows Phone App?

Windows Phone is not currently supported.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to pay with the Taco Time NW app?

No. A data or WiFi connection is not needed to pay with the Taco Time NW app. You will not, however, receive a receipt via push notification or email until you reconnect to the data or WiFi network. Also, some features of the app won’t work as intended, including the Locations and Menu screens without a connection to the internet or data.

Why do I only receive an email receipt when using the Taco Time NW App, and not a paper receipt?

Redundancy, mainly. You will receive an (almost) instant in-app notification detailing your purchase. You will also be emailed a receipt. A paper receipt may be available upon request at the point of sale.

What if I need to contact Customer Service?

Guests can contact for questions surrounding the Taco Time NW App. For all other questions, please use our guest feedback portal.

Your Account

Do I have to link a debit/credit card to use the Taco Time NW App?

You can use many features of the App without linking a payment card. To use your phone to pay with a credit card inside the restaurant follow this procedure. 1.Click the Rewards button. 2. Click Scan & Pay. 3. Click Add payment Method. 4. Select the credit or debit card you would like to use for this purchase. When returning to the scan to pay screen you should see a red check mark next to the Payment Method to confirm you have selected an active card.

What kinds of payment cards can I link to my account?

Any card with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express logo can be linked to the App. This includes credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards (prepaid credit, prepaid debit, gift cards).

Can I add money to my account on the new Taco Time NW app?

You don’t have to! If you have linked a debit/credit card to the app, you will have the power of your wallet at your fingertips within your phone. No extra steps necessary.

Where can I see my Taco Time NW transaction history?

Your transaction history is located in the App. You can access this by opening MORE and tapping Transaction History. You’ll see a list showing the date & order total of all transactions made with the App. Additionally, we send a receipt to your registered email address each time you pay with the Taco Time NW app.

How do I reset my password?

Select the MORE option and then Log Out of the app. Next time you enter the app agree to to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy and Login. There you will see a Reset Password link below the boxes to enter your Email and Password.

How do I change the payment method linked to my account?

Simply open MENUS and select Manage Payments.

If a payment method was already set up, your current default payment method will be shown.

If a payment method has not yet been setup, you will be asked to add one by selecting ‘Add New Payment’.

Tap the ‘Add New Payment’ button and enter details for a new debit card or credit card.

Once the card has been used for a successful transaction payment, it will be available to use as a payment method on your next visit, and will cover all transactions placed using the Order Online and pick up option. When dining inside the restaurant you will need to select a payment card for each visit, please follow the procedures highlighted above.

What if my email address has already been taken?

If your email address is already taken, it is likely you have already created a Taco Time NW account. Please use the reset password link to retrieve your credentials. If you encounter any problems, email


Gift Cards

How do I check my gift card balance?

Use the balance lookup featured on our website here.

I have a Cactus Card with only a QR code on the back. Is this still accepted at Taco Time?

Yes. We are phasing these cards out of our system, but you can still purchase with your legacy gift card until your balance is zero. You can transfer your balance to the TTNW app at any time.

How do I transfer my physical gift card to the app?

The in-App digital portion of our gift card program is currently on hold. We hope to have this service turned on by mid April.  The confirm your digital balance, please email

If I link my gift card to the App, do I have to add a credit/debit card too?

No, you can use your gift card to pay without linking a credit/debit card. When you spend the value of your gift card down to $0, you may either buy and link a new gift card or link an alternative payment method when you’re ready.

Can I link more than one physical and/or digital gift card to my account at once?

Yes, you can link as many gift cards to your account as you’d like.

How do I spend my gift card balance?

When you pay for purchases with the Taco Time NW App, your gift card balance will be automatically deducted from the total cost of the transaction. If the transaction is less than the total gift card balance available, the balance will remain on your account for future use. If the transaction is more than the total gift card balance, you will be required to pay with an alternate payment source.

If I have Rewards and a gift card balance. Which amount is deducted from my purchase first?

The spend hierarchy is as follows: Reward(s), then gift card(s), and then linked payment method (credit or debit card linked). The Reward credit is spent first so that you are able to redeem any time sensitive promotions. Gift card balance will be deducted next, and finally we check for a linked payment method last.

Can I buy and send a digital gift card to a friend?

The digital gift card portion of our app has been temporarily paused. We hope to have this program turned back on by mid April.

Can I buy a digital gift card for my friend and send it at a later date?

You cannot delay when a digital gift card is sent.

Do digital gift cards ever expire?

No. Your gift cards will never expire.

Is the Taco Time gift card good at all Taco Time locations?

Gift cards are redeemable at all Taco Time Northwest locations. A list can be found on the “Find Us” page.

What if I can’t or don’t want to download the app to my phone? Can I still use the gift card?

Absolutely. You can participate in our gift card program any time.

Privacy & Security

Is my data shared?

No. We never sell your personal information to any third parties. See the Privacy Policy for details.

Is my data/information secure?

Yes. We take the security of your personal information very seriously. Your credit card information is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers. Additionally, we never sell your personal information to any third parties, For more information please check out the full Privacy Policy and Security page.

Is it safe for me to give you my credit card information and store it in my phone?

Taco Time NW does not store credit card information on your phone or in the app. Your card information is stored securely on a separate server. The QR code you use to pay for your food simply connects the purchase price with your account through the restaurant scanner. At no point during the transaction is your credit card information transmitted, stored, or displayed on your phone, our registers, or within the scanner itself. Your information is safely stored in an encrypted database that uses the same privacy and security measures as your bank.

Taco Time NW Rewards

How do I participate in the Taco Time Rewards Program?

Simply download the Taco Time NW App from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store. Complete the registration to join Taco Time Rewards.

How do I earn Rewards?

The more you eat at Taco Time, the faster the green cactus in your app will fill up. When you spend $150, the cactus fills to 100%, and we’ll give you a free Menu Item. Anything from a Crisp Taco to a Classic Burrito! (Not valid with Combo Meals, Kid’s Meals, and Mini Time Meals).

What are the other benefits of joining Taco Time Rewards and how do I receive them?

Every now and then we’ll offer you fun Rewards in the form of credit that you can spend at Taco Time. These Rewards may be published on our social media channels, emailed to you, or (our favorite), dropped into your app as a surprise. Rewards can come in many shapes and sizes, and we aim to offer these to you on special dates (Welcome Rewards and Anniversary Rewards) and when you least expect it (Thank You Rewards and Happy Hour Rewards).

Do Rewards ever expire?

Yes. Some Rewards will expire after a specific amount of time. Reward expiration dates are displayed in the Rewards screen of your app.  Each reward will have an Offer Valid date listed.  This is the date your reward EXPIRES.  Please double check disclaimer copy for additional information.

Do I need to pay for purchases through the app to earn rewards?

No. Just use your phone to place your order.  Your phone can be scanned at the register, or a team member can enter the phone number you used to register your account.

How do I spend my Rewards balance?

Whether you’ve completely filled your cactus and earned a FREE entree or have received a special promotional reward you control how and when these rewards are redeemed. When you check in with the Taco Time NW App, you’ll need to select the specific reward you’d like to use during that visit. All rewards will be listed in the REWARDS section of the the app. Be sure to select Redeem In-Restaurant -OR- Redeem Online depending on your type of visit.  You may also see your rewards when you select Redeem under AVAILABLE OFFERS on the payment page during checkout.


If I have Rewards and a gift card balance, which amount is deducted from my purchase first?

The spend hierarchy is as follows: Reward(s), then Gift Card(s), and then linked payment method (credit or debit card linked). Reward credit is spent first so that you are able to redeem any time sensitive rewards. Gift card balance will be deducted next, and finally we check for a linked payment method.