How They Work

Cactus Cards are available to purchase at Taco Time restaurants, or online for any increment starting at $5.00. They’re a great way to give or share Taco Time with family and friends. You can also transfer Cactus Card balances to the Taco Time NW app anytime.
Digital Cards

Send a Taco Time digital Cactus Card to anyone—at any time. We’ll email the recipient a digital Cactus Card along with a custom message of your choosing.

Physical Cards

Stop by any Taco Time and they can load a card for you.

Transfer to Taco Time NW App

Move your Cactus Card balance over to your Taco Time NW App at any time for a wallet-free experience.

Check Your Balance

To check your Cactus Card balance, enter the 20 digit alpha-numeric code on the back of your card.