Introducing the NEW Taco Time Digital Cactus Card

You can now send a Taco Time digital Cactus Card to anyone—at any time. We’ll email the recipient a gift-wrapped digital Cactus Card along with a custom message of your choosing. Digital Cactus Cards can be redeemed by linking to a new or existing Taco Time NW account or by printing out the email you receive.

Prefer the familiarity of a good old fashioned plastic card?

Not to worry, we still carry them. Drop by your neighborhood Taco Time and have us load you up a card (or two).

You can move your Cactus Card balance over to your Taco Time NW app at any time to experience a wallet-free Taco Time.

Legacy Cactus Card holders

If you have an older Cactus Card (with the mag stripe on the back), you can now transfer your gift balance to your Taco Time NW account and pay with your phone!

Check your Cactus Card balance

To check your Cactus Card balance, enter the 20 digit alpha-numeric code on the back of your card. 

For legacy Cactus Cards (with the mag stripe on the back), enter the 13 digit number on the back of your Cactus Card. Be sure to include the four leading zeros. Do not include spaces.


Your remaining balance is: $0.00